No Price too High!

no price too high - book.jpgHere is an exerpts from that book:

First Chapter: Homecoming
"This was it.

Finally, after three years of agonizing personal pain, I was holding the Real Thing right there in my hands.  This was my Lord and my God.

I had first found him as a Pentecostal in 1958, at the age of sixteen, through a most powerful spiritual experience.  Pentecostals and charismatics call it the "Baptism in the Holy Spirit".  In that amazing encounter, the resurrected Christ tenderly held me in his hands.  Now, more than forty years later, I was gently holding him in mine.

And so there on my knees, I slowly and carefully brought the Bread of Life to my mouth, the True Manna, the Flesh of Christ, who so willingly gave his Flesh for the life of the world.  As I took him into myself, I was overcome with both awe and joy."

Book Description:

No Price Too High is the story of my family’s journey of faith from Pentecostalism to Catholicism.  It begins with my life as a life-long Pentecostal and covers my faith journey from a converted teenage to the pastor of two Detroit churches: the first, Zion Congregational Church of God in Christ, the second oldest Pentecostal church in the state of Michigan, and the second, Maranatha Christian Church, a non-denominational charismatic evangelical church.  In the first part of the book I tell my story of conversion to the Catholic Church, and in the last half of the book my wife, Donna, tells her personal story of the faith journey into the Catholic Church.  The book is both an apologetic document to those I left behind, and an appeal to Catholics to understand the positions of non-Catholics.  I try to answer the questions that many non-Catholics have about the Church: (1) why are Catholics so “dead” in their worship? (2) Why do Catholics worship Mary? (3) Why should a non-Catholic who is comfortable in his faith convert to Catholicism? (4) Why do Catholics believe in Purgatory? Etc.  The book documents the sorrow and suffering encountered by my family in leaving behind close family members and life-long friends.  Hundreds, if not thousands, have been encouraged to remain in the Church after reading this book.  It is Donna’s and my sincere desire that all who read it will understand and appreciate the richness found in the Church of the apostles, the martyrs, the doctors and the saints.  It is the hope of us both that our sufferings and discoveries will encourage those who read this book to either “come home,” or stand firm in the household of faith. Illustrated with numerous photos.

No Price too High - Book

The DVD, No Price Too High/Dinner with Alex, contains two one hour presentations:  the first of my personal testimony of conversion to the Catholic Church, and the second of a dinner-table discussion of the Catholic faith with a few non-Catholics friends.  This DVD has been seen by millions around the world on EWTN, the Catholic TV station.  Many of the questions asked by my non-Catholic guests are being asked by those who really want to understand the teachings of the Church.  Guided by convert Steven Ray, the conversation is very fruitful in laying out the teachings of the Church in simple and easy-to-understand terms. 

No Price too High - DVD

Deacon Alex Jones - Detroit, Michigan, USA
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