About Our Ministry

ministry_photo1.jpgBe it a Parish Mission, a Diocesan Conference, or a Catholic Rally, my mission is to infusion my knowledge of scripture and my passion for Christ with my belief in the True Church which Jesus Himself instituted: The Catholic Church.

I've travelled the globe speaking in places in Africa like Uganda and Ghana, and to Malaysia in Southern Asia, and all over the United States.  I've spoken on topics like Catholic Evangelization and Mary, the Mother of all Christians, but I can talk on almost any topic given your event's theme or mission. 

Since my conversion to the Catholic Faith in 2001, I have been called to minister to God's people through preaching the Gospel at Retreats, Missions, Conferences, and all sorts of events as well as leading worship services, and fulfilling my duties as Deacon.  If you have any questions about how I can help you with your event, please contact me using the contact page.

My wife Donna also speaks at events.  She was awarded a Bachelor's of Science Degree in Elementary Education from Wayne State University in May 2012.  Please contact us if you are interested in inviting her to speak at your event.

Deacon Alex Jones - Detroit, Michigan, USA
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